Our Postgraduate Studies

Library & Information Sciences core courses provide a strong foundation for careers in LIS, and a broad array of electives allows students to design their own programs of study across all of our degrees.

The objective of postgraduate education in the Department will be that of training for leadership and 'for areas and categories of specialized skills and expertise. Because of the fast pace of social change, especially in the developing world, and the even faster rate of change within the information industry and in the technology of information and communication, leadership in all the fields of the information industry is needed more than ever before. The Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management (PGDIM), Masters and PhD programmes of the Department are designed to meet these needs. Consequently, the Department offers the following Postgraduate programmes:

  1. PhD Library Science
  2. PhD Information Science
  3. M.Phil Information Science
  4. Masters of Library Science (MLS)
  5. Masters in Information Management (MIM)
  6. Masters in Archives and Record Management (MARM)
  7. Masters in Information Science (M.SC)
  8. Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management (PGDIM)

Course Structure

Our postgraduate courses in the department are usually categorised into the following headings.

The University management has fixed the minimum and maximum credits student can register for in a semester. A number of 12 credits and 32 credits considered for minimum and maximum credits respectively.