Examination Malpractices

  1. Expulsion
    • The following offences shall carry the punishment of expulsion:

    • Impersonation at examination. This may involve the exchange of examination numbers or names on answer sheets or the intentional use of someone else's examination number.
    • Introduction of relevant cheat notes into the examination hall.
    • Exchange of relevant materials in examination hall which includes:
      1. The exchange of the question papers containing relevant jottings and materials, or
      2. Collaboration/copying from each other or
      3. Exchange of answer script
    • Theft/removal of examination script or materials.
    • Copying from cheat notes
    • Consulting cheat notes outside the examination hall
    • Facilitating/abetting cheating, and
    • Any form of destruction of examination scripts or materials

  2. Rustication for one academic year
  3. The following offences shall carry the punishment of rustication for one academic session:

    • Non-submission or submission of incomplete answer scripts .
    • Introduction of irrelevant cheat notes to the examination hall.
    • Non-appearance at the Senate Examination Irregularities and Malpractice Committee (ERIC).
    • After first warning, the student should be rusticated for one academic year.
    • Introduction of electronic mobile devices to examination hall.

  4. Written warning
  5. The following offences shall attract a written warning:

    • Speaking/conversation during examination
    • Writing on a question paper/script


There should be effective communication between students, course advisors, examination officer and the department. Whenever students have course to leave the university, their academic freedom should not bar them from informing the appropriate authority. May God forbid, in case of accidents, illness, etc the student should immediately write or ask their relation to inform the department. Please note that all correspondences must be supported by evidences.