About the Department

Department of Library and Information Science was founded in 1968. It is the second Library school in Nigeria and the first to offer the Bachelor of Library Science as its basic professional program. The Bachelor of Library Science (BLS) is a single honor degree program in Library Science. Over 200 PG and 300 UG students enroll each year.

Since its inception, the Department has introduced special courses to train our students become 21st century professional librarians. It also instroduced specialized PG programmes to provide manpower for National, Research, and Academic Libraries in the country. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Library and Information Science was introduced in 2004 and the first PhD. degree was awarded in 2006.

  • Mission

    To prepare information leaders and experts and research the problems and opportunities of information. To design solutions to information challenges and make information work strive across disciplines.

  • Vision

    We envision a world where more effective use of information helps everyone discover, learn, innovate, solve problems, have fun and make it better place.

  • Core Philosophy

    We are dedicated to our vision and mission. Our inclusive community fosters an environment that furthers our goals and enables us to take on active roles in both local and global conversations.

    We are an open, ethical, highly engaged, and collaborative community based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. We believe in the importance of quality of life, embracing diversity, making a difference and having fun.

Contact Info.

The depertmental office is located in the main campus of ABU Samaru,Faculty of Education Complex with offices in both 1st and 2nd floor.